Our customers are often aware of their challenges, their pain, but developing a solution that effectively meets all the needs of users and the company itself is a great challenge. The Mult supports its customers in the Discovery business and system processes by accompanying and helping its customers in a deep understanding of their needs and developing effectively adherent solutions.

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Development of Integrations

One of the most challenging scenarios in today’s corporate world is the communication of companies’ technology solutions, both internally and externally. We are specialists in integration processes using the most diverse technologies and platforms to meet the needs of its customers.

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Application Development

The construction of applications has been evolving in a very diversified way, bringing to the reality of companies new technologies, methodologies and other innovations that constantly appear in the market. We work together with our customers to bring all the necessary knowledge and technical expertise, in the most diverse methodologies of the market, always thinking about effectively solving the needs of our customers.

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One of the points that gained great importance within companies is the Process. The understanding of the existing process flows brings important visibility to the company, in addition to pointing out numerous points in which this business and system process could be optimized, systematized and automated. In this sense, we support our clients, from mapping their processes to the development of systematization (BPMS and Workflows) and Automations (RPA), in order to optimize business and system processes, reducing costs, idle time and mitigating risks.

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